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1. (personal name) Hine-tītama* was the eldest daughter of the agua Tāne-nui-a-Rangi* and Hine-ahu-one*, but on learning that her husband was her husband, she fled to te po (the underworld) where she recieves the souls of the dead and is known as Hine-nui-te-po

*Hine-Tītama is translated as, Dawn maid or Dawn woman/lady. In the myth of Maui and Hine-nui-te-po, Hine-nui is also mentioned in association with the ‘flashing dawn’

*Tāne-nui-a-Rangi is also known as Tāne-mahuta (God of the forest and birds), this version of his name denotes his being the child of Rangi (God of the sky)

*meaning, Earth-formed maid/woman/lady. Seeing-as she was created from the earth by Tāne.


Snorri Edda (Everyman Edda)

There was someone called Gymir and his wife Aurboda. She was of the race of Mountain Giants. Gerd is their daughter, the most beautiful of all women

My garden has walls

High and strong

To keep me in?

To keep others out?

That’s for me to know

It comes in infinite hues of green

Interspersed with hints of bright colours

That I glide through and touch

Each one an old friend

Soothing and familiar

Asking nothing, and giving much

In my garden I am never alone

Tending it, protecting it

My world, my design

Creation of my own

Filling my days

Why would I leave,

With everything here that I could need?

The slow buzzing of the bees under the azure sky

Is the sweetest melody

To one such as me

Life finds a way…

This is a conversation I had not long after the Earthquake swarms we had here.

I was feeling sad, wandering through some of the remnants of the cleared out buildings. Just big empty spots of gravel and rocks where a building used to be. Growing up in the middle was a pretty little flower.

“Life will ALWAYS find a way; out of destruction, it rises”

This made me realise how much potential there was in my city at that time, and still is. That out of all this sadness and wreckage something new and amazing would rise. Though we lost a lot, never to be returned; this city would bloom. Become something new and amazing. I ended up so full of hope, when there was only sadness before.

This conversation with the Gods helped me through a hard and confusing time, and was the beginning of me thinking of doing a blog about the little conversations I have with Them. So here I plan to share them.

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